Today’s Picture: 17 Oct 20

Cannop Ponds, in the Forest of Dean, has proved a particularly fruitful place for pictures, so here’s another from our recent visit.

If you’re visiting this blog, please be generous to those who can’t escape their own four walls at present, and share this post widely with them on social media, so they can enjoy it. It will also reach more people and hopefully remind them what a wonderful place this world is. Perhaps that might help restore some love and respect for nature and slow down our destructive urge to ruin the environment. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 17 Oct 20

  1. So pretty my friends. For some reason it is saying I am not following you and when I try and change it, it won’t let me. We added BPN to our phones and now I am having issues with WordPress. I hope I can figure it out. Love y’all 🤗💕

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    1. Thanks, Joni. WordPress can be a bit odd at times. I’ve had similar issues only to discover later that I am followign the person concerned. Anyway, I’ve had an email to say you’re now following me here. And I’m following you.

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      1. I had no idea I thought I was always following you. Your post have always showed up in my reader. So the people I converse with often are always the ones I see. I am also having problems with the like button. I will like something and the button will go from like to unlike several times. My husband is a computer science and mathematics major so he helps me when he can. WordPress has always been very helpful when I chat with them and they are patient too. I am just glad you are both fine. Have an amazing day you two. Love ❤️ Joni

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        1. Always good to have an expert on hand, Joni. I was raised in the days of the slate and lead marker (really, that’s how I learned how to form letters in handwriting!). My first efforts at writing professionally were completed on a manual typewriter, so I’ve had to teach myself as computers have taken over. I must say, using a PC as opposed to a typewriter has some very definite advantages!

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          1. Yes indeed. I too used a manual typewriter for my first poems submitted but never so much as a bite. You are an accomplished author and successful. Your wife must be very proud of you Stuart. 🤗💕❤️

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            1. Valerie is my main beta reader, Joni. She has an excellent knowledge of the English language, a great memory, and knows me well enough to be able to tell me the truth. I put almost everything I intend to publish in front of her, and she generally finds errors I’ve missed. On one occasion, she was reading the second book in a fantasy trilogy and she noted a passage ‘You can’t have this man do this.’ I asked why not. Her reply, ‘Because you killed him off in the first book!’ And she was right. Saved me from looking a real plonker.

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              1. Valerie is truly worth her weight in gold. She loves you and your work. Honesty is essential and often our friends won’t be honest as they don’t want to hurt or damage the friendship.
                Valerie sounds essential to your process as is my husband who gives the final nod. Sounds like you are a man whom is very loved although I certainly already assumed that as you enjoy each other so much.
                Thank goodness she caught that death. It is very thoughtful of you to acknowledge and realize how essential she is to your obvious success as a writer with so many published books. I am in awe of your writing. So glad we are both so fortunate. Loving thoughts coming your and Valerie’s way. 🤗💕❤️🦋 She sounds like a sweetheart and you two are a very handsome couple to boot. 🤗

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                1. Having a loving partner to give honest feedback is so brilliant. It’s clear we both are so blessed, Joni, and that we appreciate that benefit.
                  I’ve now posted that short story I mentioned.
                  I enjoy your poetry;so full of feeling, and so well expressed.

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                  1. Yes we are both incredibly blessed. I am going to read that right now. Scott is busy on two big projects as I haven’t been able to read the last half of your amazing book but I am not going to wait much longer. Just one more thing about your book till I am finished reading – you have a real gift for writing about desires, sensuality and the act itself but in a way that is just enough. Sort of in the same way I have always thought that a woman with an amazing body looks far sexier in a high cut on the thighs with a low cut and sexy front cut than a super skimpy bikini. That is an art form in itself.

                    I am going to read your short story but comment tomorrow. You and I have tied up the airways this morning. Give my best to Valerie. 🤗💕❤️Joni

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                    1. Great story I loved it. I posted my comment on your site as I never got the post of your story on my reader yesterday. It is truly fantastic Stuart. I am contacting WordPress today because since we installed VPN I am having issues with WordPress. Sending you both love my dear friend. 🤗💕❤️

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  3. It looks like such a pretty place. I have lake effect snow falling on my head, so I have a particular fondness for your photos right now. I tried to open the door at noon and almost couldn’t do it because of the snow build-up! And this after shovelling late yesterday afternoon. Yikes.

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    1. Brrrr! We rarely see snow here these days, Lynette. It was quite common in my youth, but climate change has made a difference. I bought a snow shovel when we moved into this area nearly 6 years ago. I’ve used it only once! Stay warm.

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