Today’s Picture: 2 Oct 20

A beach on the Greek Island of Samos. Taken in September 2016.

I intended to start a short series of posts relating to our recent stay on Kos today. However, life and Windows combined to prevent me. Exchange of unused holiday currency meant a trip to the nearby city, where we also replenished our stocks of food and other essentials after our absence. That took up the morning. After lunch I dashed up here to my study and began to catch up on social media: it’s always best to complete outstanding stuff there before posting anything new on the website.

Good old MS Windows 10, however, had different ideas. I don’t know it this happens to others, but my system updates seem to happen randomly and without warning. The first sign is usually a significant slow down on the PC. I take a look at Settings, slip into the Updates section, and check for activity. Usually, it tells me about any updating activity. This time it was apparently all up to date, so I continued fighting the slowness, merely inserting an occasional expletive to defray frustration. Sure enough, after a short time, and while in the middle of a comment to a post on Facebook, the system declared it needed a restart and I had to abandon what I was doing and let it get on with the task. Some significant time later, the system came to life again as I was reading a book. Oh, good. I can get on with my plans again. A few minutes later, after all the programs had reappeared and I was opening Google Chrome to access my website, guess what? Yes. The system again required a restart!

Now, some hours since I came up here to work, I appear to have a fully operating system, with no speed restrictions. However, the piece I was intending to post requires quite a lot of preparation, and I’m not in a fit state of mind to do that now. So, the new post will have to wait until tomorrow.

For now, I give you another daily picture of the natural beauty of our world to share everywhere you can. It’s a picture taken from my library, as our day here has been constant rain, which continues as I tickle the keyboard, so no walk in the forest today.

See you all tomorrow. Enjoy!

If you’re visiting here, please be generous to those who can’t escape their own four walls at present, and share this widely with them on social media, so they can enjoy it. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 2 Oct 20

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  2. That is a beautiful picture!

    Yes, I have often been interrupted by inconvenient updates. Until … my company recently bought me a very expensive laptop that now asks me when I would like my update to take place. Wow, what luxury!

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. It’s a lovely little island.
      Updates: at least they’re relatively infrequent. My PC used to ask me, but it’s now a little older and sems to be having a sulk about it! I guess I’m no longer getting the PC upates I received when it was still a youngster.

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    1. Beautiful, isn’t it, Noelle. As I sit here back in England and stare out my study window through the rain draining down the glass at the dull grey sky, I somehow feel it might be a bit brighter, warmer, and dryer in Greece!


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