Today’s Picture: 15 Sep 20

Track over rough ground to an isolated church on the Greek island of Crete. Picture taken August 2008

It’s hot and sunny here in the forest, so I’m giving you somewhere even hotter and sunnier, as a way to cheer you up, I hope!

If you’re visiting here, please be generous to those who can’t escape their own four walls at present, and share this widely with them on social media, so they can enjoy it. Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 15 Sep 20

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  2. My M is still in the Okanagan (I am in the north now) and it’s normally still fairly warm at this time of year 25-30, but right now it’s covered in smoke from the fires in the US. The Okanagan is a valley and the smoke has just dropped right in there. Yesterday he had to turn the lights on at mid-afternoon. What’s happening there is not only an immediate environmental tragedy, it’s going to have serious long-term consequences. I briefly listened to that orange man-child narcissist who’s supposedly in charge there and had to change the channel. He’s a monster in so many ways.
    Enjoy your lovely late summer. 🙂

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    1. I agree, Lynette. That narcissist and his idiot supporters constitue a threat to the whole planet due to their stupidity and ignorance. But we have our own fool here in charge of the UK, as well.
      Hope the skies soon clear over there. Take care.

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  3. You and your wife must have spent a lot of time in Crete my friend. There is a bit of history there. Hope your sun is coming back. It is finally cooling off here at bit and I am grateful. I feel so badly for those who have such dangerous air due to all the fires burning. Strange to me how being can still be climate change deniers. Love to you and your wife today. You two take great care of one another. Love to you both, Joni

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    1. We’ve spent a total of four weeks in Crete, Joni; 2 summer holiday trips. We like to visit places with history if we can, as we’re both fascinated by the past.
      We’re haveing a late summer here at present, temperatures approaching 30C, when our usual temps should be around 20C at most. It won’t last long, though. But it’s welcome.
      I agree with you about climate deniers; it’s either ignorance or a refusal to face facts. Many people don’t want to have to face the need to change lifestyles, so they’ll deny the science even if that means damaging the environement irreparably, unfortunately. And with idiots like Trump in charge of the world’s most polluting and consuming nation, the world faces an uphill battle in changing minds and reaching a stage where we can reverse the damage we’ve caused for the past two centuries since we became industrialised. It’s the younger generation I pity and fear for. My generation was warned in the 1980s (I joined Greenpeace then) about climate change as it was then called. But so many wouldn’t listen. Many of the outcomes predicted at that time have already come to pass.
      Sorry for the rant; it’s a particular concern for me.
      You and yours stay safe and keep well.

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      1. Wow we have a lot in common. My book I wrote the first half is all about what is scientifically predicted to happen in the next 20 to 40 years. The extinction of so many beautiful animals, deforestation, cities underwater, eating mostly 3-D printed specific bugs for protein and these are all things that will happen. The really scary things is shortage of water and the continued pollution from fires, now I am on a rant. Yes, and I won’t even begin to speak the name of that orange headed melon. I worry for the next generation as well so much is going to be placed on their shoulders and it is already happening. I am glad you and your wife get to enjoy such wonderful trips I hope that will continue for you two in the near future. Sending our love ❤️ Joni

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        1. I can’t find any reference to your book on your website, Joni. Looks like something I’d enjoy.
          My science fiction has always dealt with coming problems for humanity, though I always wrap it in layers of human relationships, so readers won’t think they’re being preached at. When writing about the possible future, most authors do extensive research, so we tend to be better informed than most people. But the general ignorance of the state of the planet, our only home, is astounding, isn’t it?
          As for Trump and his sycophantic and/or idiot supporters; they could be the difference between humanity surviving and declining to extinction, but most of them will never accept that responsibility, of course.
          You take care, and enjoy what you can, Joni.

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          1. You are so kind my friend. The book is written for young adults and honestly I don’t think you would enjoy it that much. My writing is better now as well. You are so kind to ask. It is on Amazon and is called the path toward the light by JK Caggiano. The second half of the book is about a place the two main characters discover and is very faith based. Maybe read the little intro on Amazon first. You are a very smart man and my guess is that you know about all the scientifically based info in my book. It was a means for me to try and make young people aware of many things. I wrote it before Greta started her brave movement. People don’t seem to know just how bad thinks are. Just one example is: How many people know the simple fact that there are so many patents on robotic bees. This is of course because as you know there are many environmental reasons why we are killing off these pollinators.

            About Trump I could not agree more. The damage done is frightening to me and my husband. Thank you for your friendship Stuart. I appreciate your thoughtfulness very much. Have a great day my friend. You and your wife take good care of each other. Sending you both my love. Joni

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            1. Thank you, Joni.
              I had a look at your book. You’re right about me; I avoid YA lit if I can, and I steer clear of faith based fiction. But I’m impressed that with your deep faith, you can find the courage to tackle subjects so dependent on science.
              More coincidence: I also tackle the coming problems that will be caused by realistic sex androids in the near future in The Methuselah Strain, which also looks at overconsumption and the modern trend for worship of material things. The subject matter means there is inevitably some erotic content, of course, as the protagonist is seeking a real man to father the child she so desperately craves.
              It seems we both care enough about the future of our world to spend time and effort in an attempt to educate people in the coming dangers.
              Keep safe and stay well, Joni.

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              1. I am blown away as I have a whole section in my book about sex robots. This too, is based on problems that are already happening in China. For example not only are they having trouble with keeping up with demand for these talking, moveably sex robots but they are making children sex dolls as well. Next they are talking about making them walk. I watched a sex robot made in the US being interviewed by a female news personality, Katie Couric. We have a lot in common. Your book sounds like a book I would enjoy. It sounds fascinating. Can you send me the link to which book I should read first? Sorry to tie up your time this morning I just really enjoy talking with you. Thanks for your time this morning Stuart. I can just tell that my husband and I likely share so many similar opinions as you and your wife. Please do send me a link for your book. I love science fiction and it sounds like a book I would really enjoy. Hope you have sunshine today and that you were able to walk with your wife. Love to you both. ❤️Joni

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                1. Also blown away, Joni! By your clear depth of research: so few modern writers bother to drill down into the realities, making do instead with the superficial results they can find easily. The whole idea of a reporter ‘interviewing’ a sex robot is chilling; treating it as though it were a real person. Worrying.
                  Regarding my books, Joni. I’m not sure what platform you use to read my posts, but if you’re using a laptop or desktop PC, you need only skip overt to the right hand column and scroll up from here. You’ll see covers for all my books there. Clicking on the covers should take you to your local Amazon and the specific page for that book. Otherwise, scroll to the top of this page and click on the tab ‘Books and Other Published Work’ and a drop down menu will appear. Click on SciFi and you’ll bring up the page listing my books there, again with buying links. I’d suggest you try The Methuselah Strain initially; it’s a novella with a strong female protagonist, set in the near future. My Generation Mars series is a trilogy set on Mars and Earth, beginning in the near future and continuing over the three books to a time around five hundred years further.

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                  1. Thanks so much Stuart I am going to go with your recommendation. I really appreciate it. Sounds very interesting Stuart. Beautiful photograph this morning. Thanks again Stuart. Love y’all ❤️Joni

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    1. That’s good, Lynette. We’re going through a late summer here, temperatures close to 30C, which is about 10C higher than usual. But it helps to build that stock of vitamin D before the winter arrives!

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    1. I’ll give you some green, luxuriant forest tomorrow, Noelle, and some soft sea on Thursday. But it may be useful to bring to people’s minds, from time to time, that our planet is getting hotter.

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