Today’s Picture: 10 Sep 20

The shaded track on the way to the heights of Symonds Yat Rock.

All this year, we’ve been hoping for a sight of some of our local wildlife. The nearest we’ve been is a brief audible encounter with a family of wild boar feasting in a large area of bracken, and a pair of the tiny Muntjac Deer briefly spotted on a hillside above one of our regular walks. But on Tuesday we drove to a new location for us and, on the way back home, I slowed down for a family of four Fallow Deer as they crossed the road in line. And today, we spotted a Roe Deer doe on our walk through the oaks and beeches not far from home. So, together with much evidence of wild boar activity in the area, it looks as though things are looking up here. Of course, none of the sightings were close enough to grab a decent shot, and today I had only my phone with me anyway, as the grey skies gave little hope of good conditions. But just seeing these denizens of our woodland always raises our spirits.

Today’s picture is from a walk up to a local beauty spot renowned for its views of birds of prey in flight.

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. And thank you for continuing to share these posts.
      Animals, especially when seen in their natural habitats, are always a source of joy, aren’t they?

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