Today’s Picture: 8 Sep 20

Mallard’s Pike, A popular place in the Forest of Dean. A little too ‘manicured’ for our tastes, as we prefer the wild places, but a pleasant enough place for a visit. We did a 6 mile walk around the lake and across the hills to another new spot.

Now the kids are back in school, we ventured to a well-known beauty spot for today’s walk. First time we visited, about two weeks ago, the place was heaving with visitors, as there’s an activity centre there as well. Today, it was more serene, though still popular with dog walkers and families with small children.

If you’re visiting here, please be generous to those who can’t escape their own four walls at present, and share this widely with them on social media, so they can enjoy it. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 8 Sep 20

    1. The lake is lovely, and there are many different walks to take in the surrounding forest, MrsWayfarer. I took 150 pictures during the walk we had. I’ll post more over the coming weeks.

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. I think the bird may be a heron, but it was gone by the time I took the camera from my eye, so we’ll never know. Just another of life’s fascinating mysteries, eh?

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    1. I think they do allow swimming here. Mind you, there’s a special place for dogs to dip, too, so I don’t think I’d be going in there.


  2. Gorgeous place. You two stay in great shape with your lovely walks together. It looks like you captured a good sized bird as well I just can’t tell what it is. Love to you both, Joni ❤️💕🌸

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    1. It is very pretty, Joni. Just a little parkified for our tastes. The bird? I saw it enter the frame as I was composing the picture, but it had disappeared when I took the camera from my eye. A fast flyer, but it’ll have to remain a mystery I’m afraid.

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      1. How funny Stuart I love that word parkified and understand exactly what you mean too. The bird is a mystery, he was quite large. You two have a great walk today. Stay safe my friends. Love 💕🤗💕to you both. Joni

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