Today’s Picture: 4 Sep 20

The contrast here caught my eye on a dull day in the Forest of Dean.

Dull days don’t always mean dull photographs. If the lighting and exposure are right, a brighter scene can often result.

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10 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 4 Sep 20

    1. Yes, Noelle. The sun can bleach colours, which is why a lot of tropical places indulge in bright primary colours. Also, the harsh contrast of bright sunlight can often make it difficult to convey the true depth of colour in a photograph.

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    1. Yes, it rained most of the day yesterday. It helps the trees grow, and it keeps the forest from becoming tinder dry and therefore a potential fire hazard, especially when the children are off school. It’s beautiful to walk in the trees, regardless of the weather. Have a great day, Joni.

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