Today’s Picture: 28 Aug 20

This path looks a lot less steep than it is in reality. The valley is also quite steep-sided, but the trees, mostly oaks and that sneaky little copper beech to the right, provide a perfect spiritual lift every time we walk here.

Another day with ceaseless rain here, and we’re unlikely to get out until this evening, so the picture is from a walk taken earlier this month. Enjoy!

If you’re visiting here, please be generous to those who can’t escape their own four walls at present, and share this widely on social media, so they can enjoy it. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 28 Aug 20

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  2. Stuart I just love the cover of ferns and other plants making such a beautiful green blanket for the trees to grow from, so gorgeous. Thanks Stuart. Have a nice evening my friends. Love 💕❤️Joni

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    1. Yes, Joni. That green blanket is a fabulous ecosystem housing all sorts of wildlife that can easily stay hidden, and therefore safe. The variety of plants is increasing, too. And when all this vegetation dies back in the autumn, it leaves a russet residue to warm that seasonal chill.

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      1. Stuart you write like a poet in your responses or comments. So beautifully.

        “A russet residue to warm that seasonal chill”.

        I think you are probably inspired to write every time you visit the forest. I love how much you and Valerie love the woodlands.

        It reminds me of a place I went to be alone and away from Lexington, Kentucky. It had a single lane street where the trees made a natural trellis and there was a little bridge and underneath a beautiful and clean brook with crawfish. It had ferns everywhere. It was so long ago. When I was seventeen so when everything was so lush and gorgeous just a few miles outside of the city.
        Isn’t it strange the places where we found solace.

        You and Valerie take care I will be off line for a few days. My daughter rented a large house near a lake and we are all meeting there. Living in WA state and us here in NC I don’t get to see her very often. We will all be very careful. So if I miss a post or two I will do my best to catch up when I get back. Love to you and Valerie. 💕❤️Joni

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        1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Joni. You’re right; the forest is an inspiration for me. We often walk in almost total silence, both lost in our own thoughts, and enjoying the serenity of the natural world in our own way.
          Take care while you’re away and enjoy your visit. It’ll be lovely to catch up with your daughter and spend some family time together. Don’t give this blog a second thought while you’re away; just revel in the togetherness.

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          1. Thank you so much Stuart. You are so right. That is exactly what I will be doing. I have three young children, ages 7,8, and 9, that my daughter is working on getting full time guardianship as well. They are gorgeous children. They live in the states with her. Two were rescued from slavery and one was left to die. His parents thought he was a cursed child. He was dying when my daughter found him in a village. Now they have enriched our lives so much and are so precious in every way. They will be there as well and they will keep us busy. We are thrilled to see them.

            Love ❤️ to you and Valerie.

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            1. Wow, Joni! Your daughter has clearly inherited your generous spirit. Many people talk of doing good, you obviously take that vital step to make it a reality. I hope all goes wonderfully for all of you.

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              1. Oh you are so kind to me. I thank you for your sweet remarks. She does work hard to help those who are hurting and without. Thank you also for your kind wishes. Love to you both. ❤️💕🤗 Joni


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