Today’s Picture: 19 Aug 20

As it’s dull and very wet here in the Forest of Dean today, I thought I’d give you a hot, dry walk on the Greek island of Rhodes to cheer you up. Photo taken September 2017.

If you’re a visitor here, perhaps you’ll be generous to those who are trapped indoors at present, and share this widely, so others can enjoy it? Thank you.

22 thoughts on “Today’s Picture: 19 Aug 20

    1. It would take you round the coast toward a tiny settlement, Noelle. A dead end, so you’d have to come back the same way, as we discovered! Still, it was only a slight detour from our walk from pefkos to Lindos.


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  2. This inspired a haiku. May I use the image with my publication of the poem?

    A rising path skirts the sea
    Sheltered by clear skies
    The tree stands silent witness

    © 19 August 2020, by D. Denise Dianaty

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          1. You too my friend. Can you imagine what they have seen to sit a week by a tree in your forest and talk would be a blessing. Let’s hope that our generation wakes up and begins to take care of our environment so that those beautiful trees in your forest and those older trees by me (not anywhere near that old) will still be here when we are gone. You two have an amazing weekend. Love ❤️ Joni

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              1. Wow, so true my friend. When you say it like that (which is so true) it packs a punch. Part of my daughter’s job is working for a self funded (zero donations) NGO. They have planted thousands of trees in an adopted village in Haiti. It was completely deforested and it was so sad. With great love and care they have managed to get thousands of trees planted and they are thriving. They also grow most of their own food. I have been on missions to this village and others and seen the devastation of deforestation. More people in the US would appreciate and love trees like we do if they spent one day where there are none. Sending love to you and your sweetie Stuart. (I do really appreciate your beautiful photography, especially of your historical trees Stuart they are all stunning.) 💕❤️💖Joni

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                1. Your daughter is clearly doing something worthwhile in the world, Joni. Trees form the Earth’s lungs, along with the plankton in the oceans. Without these two groups of organisms, other life would have died eons ago, yet so few people seem aware of their value. Good wishes to your daughter. I’m sure you’re as proud of her as she deserves.

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                  1. Thank you for your kind note Stuart. I know it is hard to understand people’s lack of concern for our beautiful resources. “Trees form the earth’s lungs, along with the plankton in the oceans,” so true and poetically put Stuart.

                    Thank you for your kind wishes for my daughter. I appreciate it very much. Yes I am proud of her as I am sure you are of your child. It is so strange not seeing her. I truly hope our lives get back to normal but that people are more aware when they do of many things. Here in the US anyway. Love to you two. Have a wonderful Monday together. Love ❤️ Joni

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