Today’s Pictures: 25 July 20

Taken on this morning’s walk. Hidden on the slope between the trees in the foreground lie the remains of a concrete shute that once drained water from the area above. A case of industrial archeological remains actively enhancing the natural landscape!

If you’re stuck indoors and unable to get out to enjoy nature at present, this series is for you. I’m trying to brighten the days by posting pictures of natural beauty.

Today, our weather forecast was a little, shall we say, uncertain? We did what we generally do on such occasions; looked out of the window and set off when the light rain cleared. As I write this, the rain has returned with some vengeance, so our earlier gamble paid off.

I imagine those stuck within their four walls would be happy to walk in the rain, if that gave them the freedom to be outdoors, so I’ve no complaints here.

Came across this abandonned boat resting on shore near Pefkos whilst waiting for a trip to Lindos aboard a glass-bottomed boat. That was a fun trip, with the boat’s owner serenading us with song and guitar, which he suggested had come from a famous band member who once had a house on the island.

If you’re lucky enough to be free, maybe you’ll do what you can for those less fortunate, and share this widely, so others can enjoy it? Thank you.

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