Today’s Pictures: 28 June 20

A broader sweep today, showing the view as we descend one of our valleys.

Trying to brighten the day for those people isolated indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And a coastal walk from our time in East Yorkshire, for those who prefer the seaside to the forest. This taken in September 2010

If you get pleasure from this, please share it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 28 June 20

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  2. Stuart I am so glad you showed your beautiful forest from this view. It is magnificent. I think it is so sweet that you and your wife travel along such beautiful paths each day together. Sounds like you are blessed as am I with a loving spouse. Have a wonderful Sunday. Love to you and your wife. ❤️💕Joni

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      1. Loved your pictures. The contrast of the coastal line with the forest was so lovely. It really does make my life wonderfully blessed. He is my best friend and biggest love on this earth. Sounds like you are equally blessed. I am feeling especially blessed during these lock down days to know I have my best friend with me always. So happy you are equally blessed my friend. Love and hugs Joni

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        1. Valerie and I fell in love at first sight, Joni, and remain that way after more than 31 years together. We feel so fortunate to be together.
          And we also feel fortunate to be living here during the lockdown, surrounded by natural beauty. That forest is our spiritual haven.
          Keep safe and stay well.

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