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Today’s Pictures: 25 June 20

Walking the shaded forest trail.

Trying to brighten the day for those people isolated indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Very warm again here today. Around 30C. We’re promised thunderstorms overnight, but I’ll believe that when it happens. Had to spend a little time in the garden, yesterday, making access preparations for a local man who’s coming to fit some steps down our steep slope so I can trim the beech hedge! Have to finish the prep today by sawing off a couple of large branches from one of the hazel trees, but I’ll wait until later, when the temperature should have dropped a little. Meantime, enjoy the pictures.

A cave in the rocks: if you can’t see it, look under the tree on the right hand side. It’s big enough to stand up in, should you feel so inclined, of course. Taken on Rhodes, September 2017.

If you get pleasure from this, please share it, so others can enjoy it, too. Thank you.

11 Responses to “Today’s Pictures: 25 June 20”

  1. Lynette d'Arty-Cross

    I always wonder how those trees manage to hang on in such rocky conditions. Lovely photos.
    Are the steps going to be stone? You mentioned doing a dry stone wall in your garden and I’m wondering if the steps are related.

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    • stuartaken

      Life is so tenatious, Lynette. I see plants growing out of rock even around here, and wonder how they obtain their nutriants.
      The steps are going to be ptretty utilitarian as they’ll be unseen except by me when I use them as support to trim the beech hedge they’ll run beside.
      The stone for the drystone wall is already on site, as there was, apparently, a stone wall down at the foot of the steep slope many years ago. It had fallen and been completely dismantled by the roots and growth of the hazel trees down there, so I’m hoping to restore it to some ‘order’.

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  2. jonicaggiano

    Beautiful Stuart! I can just picture small children playing in the gorgeous woods, making up all kind of imaginary games. Such a beautiful photograph. I also like the contrast of the rocks, cave and then the two trees that seem to come out of no where. Nicely done my friend. You and your sweetie have a blessed day. Love Joni

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    • stuartaken

      I agree, Joni. As a child, I’d have been in these tress so much, my parents would’ve wondered where I was!
      As that cave is on a Greek island, there’s probably a local tale about a hermit who lived all his life there before founding a monastary; that’s a story that seems to ‘fit’ almost every monastary in the area!

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      • jonicaggiano

        I actually love that idea. The hermit who lived in the cave. We had four acres and nothing else around when we were little, so I too, often played outside until dark. Love you both Joni

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