Daily Forest Walk Picture 09.04.20

Continuing to spread some light and pleasure to those confined by the current crisis. See post 1, here, for an explanation.

This is the 6th post.

Unseasonally warm today, even in the early morning. This shot was taken at the start of our walk; we chose a slightly different route into the trees, as our usual way was occupied by a slow-moving group. This new path provides access from another road as well, but we were soon off that track after climbing a particularly steep rise and entered a less well visited part of the forest.

A Natural Cathedral (in praise of Nature)

Slanting sunlight sends shafts
of illuminating rays
to inform how some have
likened woodland to the
interiors of cathedrals
where like shafts spread
colours through windows
of colour stained glass.

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    1. Thank you. Certainly, for Valerie and I, this environment is a sort of paradise, with its almost endless variety of walks and the serenity we find whilst in the trees.

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