Steps: Flash Fiction

For today’s weekly creative post, I’m giving you a bit of flash fiction. Considering how many people are caring for others in the current climate, I thought a touch of gentle humour on the topic might be appropriate.




Every time! Can’t the old fool decide? If he’d make up his mind, I wouldn’t have to keep going back to the baker’s. ‘Go yourself.’

‘Can’t climb all those steps. Don’t have your vitality.’

Injecting charm, trying to persuade me. It won’t work. ‘You always change your mind.’

‘I grow confused. What if I leave it to you?’

Then I’ve only myself to blame, of course. It’ll be my fault. ‘I’m nearly eighty, you know. Those steps’ll kill me one day.’

‘You seem so young, Dear.’ Knows how to get round me.

‘A list, then? A different cake for each day?’


Until he changes his mind. Again.

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