I Dream of a Day When #poetry

The first of a series of ‘creative’ posts I promised a while ago for Wednesdays.

I Dream of a Day When

I dream of a day when
Racists learn they’re related to those they hate
Polluters are forced to live in the poison they spread
Cheats are made to pay for their crimes
Women are heard, respected, and valued

I dream of a day when
Climate deniers are faced with dangers they reject
Trophy hunters walk the wild naked and weaponless
Billionaires pay their proper proportion of tax
All children are cherished, educated and loved

I dream of a day when
Leaders truly work for the good of those they lead
Politicians take account of ordinary lives
Slavers are themselves enslaved
Carers find help from their communities

I dream of a day when
Religious dogma is exposed as myth and legend
Customs are fully examined for their worth
Traditions are questioned for their value
Wildlife is protected from human excess

I dream of a day when
Truth matters more than attractive lies
Honesty is valued over expediency
Reality is promoted over falsehood
We live with nature and don’t destroy it

I dream of a day when
Big families are no longer rewarded
Meat is made an occasional treat
Dogs and cats are recognised as carbon heavy
Trees are valued as the true friends they are

I dream of a day when
The American Dream is seen as a nightmare
Plastic is too precious to toss away
Fossil fuels stay fossils in the ground
People are valued much more than money

I dream of a day when
Unregulated capitalism is grasped as bad
Profit over people is exposed as pure greed
Palm oil is no more a ubiquitous plant
Life’s variation is fully appreciated

But it’s just a dream.

The photograph is another experimental shot I took while walking in the forest. I recalled my days of jogging along the same track and wanted to inject some of that movement. A straight ‘zoom’ shot didn’t really capture the feeling, so I tried this ‘twist’ technique instead. I’d be interested in your comments. You can see a bigger version here.

10 thoughts on “I Dream of a Day When #poetry

    1. I understand that reservation, Aak. As the majority of deniers will be right-wing thinkers, they will probably be incapable of changing their minds until it is impossible for them to continue to deny the reality of events. I therefore felt the only way they’ll accept the truth will be when the things they currently deny are happening so obviously they’ll be forced to change their minds. At that point, my guess is they’ll become the most vociferous supporters of necessary change!

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        1. Of course, Trump is a sociopath, misogynist, racist, and serial liar. He’s a man who contradicts himself daily without ever realising how stupid he sounds to anyone with more than three brain cells.


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