Divided States of America, by Aithal: #BookReview.

345 pages

Time Travel/First Contact/Science Fiction.

The Galaxy Series Book 3

This is the third in a series. The book is a worthy work, but I found it slow to start. That may be because I haven’t read the previous two. Once the first chapters are done, the story starts to move at a good pace and it’s easy to engage with the characters. Those early chapters could be a lot shorter, contain a lot less detail, for me.

The story is full of imagination, conveying some unusual ideas about the way politics in the USA may develop if left unchallenged. And there are some imaginative outcomes envisaged regarding the lack of action to tackle the climate emergency.

I enjoyed the alien technology, which showed good scientific knowledge. And the time travel elements were well-handled.

There are editing errors involving missing words and some syntactical concerns. I doubt these will worry the majority of readers, but I found them a little jarring as I read as a writer. I wish I could be more enthusiastic; this is a story that deserves a wide readership. And, read for the story alone, it will doubtlessly satisfy a good many readers.

I wrote this review based on an advance reading copy that the author sent me.

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