I'll Have…

I’ll Have…

Artichoke asparagus and aubergine addled by aspic
Beetroot boiled beef bones and beans bathed in blood
Cabbage cauliflower chips and creamed cress chopped and coddled
Doughnuts dates duck and devilled ham drenched in dill
Egg enchiladas Edam cheese and eggplant eased under Emmental
Fish faggots felafel full-flavoured and fragrant filled with figs
Gruyere Goat ghee groundnuts guacamole grilled for a gourmet
Halibut herring haricot beans hash browns haloumi hot and halved
Ice cream iceberg lettuce Irish stew all inserted in icing
Jelly juice jerked beef joint junket jostled in julienne
Kelp krill kedgeree kipper and Kiwi fruit kicked in ketchup
Lumpfish lollipops liver lasagne and leeks ladled with lard
Mango marmalade mushy peas and melon massaged with margarine
Nectarine naughty nog and nice noodles nestled in nutmeg
Oranges octopus olives and oysters all outraged by oregano
Peppers punch potatoes parsley in puff pastry pickled as pudding
Quirky quiche queen of puddings and quince quickened in quenelle
Rum rhubarb roly-poly rat and ratatouille roasted on rice
Sausage sandwich savoury salad salty stuffing all sautéed in syllabub
Tasty turtle tomato tortilla truffle and turmeric trifle tossed in tabasco
Ugly-fruit ugsome udder Ugli umbilical all unleashed unbattered
Vine leaves veal vermicelli venison and vinegar varied as Veronique
Watered wafer whitebait waffle and Wensleydale whisked in white wine
Xenial Xmas cake and Xenophobic Xmas pudding all served as xerophagy
Yolk of egg Yorkshire pudding yam yarg and yoghurt all yclad as yakitori
Zabaglione zucchini zinfandel and zarzuela zoned as the zenith

That’ll be all thank you!

Just a bit of fun for everyone.