The Corona Book of Science Fiction, edited by Max Bantleman: #BookReview.

202 pages

Science Fiction Anthologies

This is a collection of 16 short stories by some very talented writers. I enjoyed every one of these varied tales. There’s humour, horror, dystopia, AI, time travel, romance, aliens, corruption, robotics, love, and the greed inspired by empire here.

None of these stories disappointed me. There are variations in style, viewpoint, subject matter, theme and treatment in the anthology. Some are adventure stories, some are steeped in their themes, one or two are pure poetry, and all are satisfying. This is a great collection that fans of the genre, and those who harbour suspicions about its ability to get beyond space travel, will enjoy. Thought-provoking, amusing, and sometimes mysterious, this is a fine introduction to scifi for those unfamiliar with the breadth of the genre, and a satisfying read for those who love it. Really glad I bought this.

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