A Walk in the Spring Forest: #Poem

On my doorstep.

The world has gone mad, so I thought I’d celebrate something natural. Enjoy.

A Walk in the Spring Forest

Life begins as those sleepers wake
and green the air with fresh flutters
And in the boughs birds build for
new flocks to grace the skies
The trees bow with floral promise
and drip with halted drops of gentle rain
And underfoot damp earth gives way
hiding footfalls that might startle
Here a pair of raptors swim the unseen
waves of rising atmosphere
calling as they together mingle
to create new wings to soar
and plunge to dive and rise
And there a chirruping of finches
brighten branches with the colours
of their alluring songs
Sunlight fans through early mists
arising wraithlike across shadows
shed in silent stripes on dew-eyed mounds
And serenity slows hurried steps
of human watchers locked in
trance of wonder at the gentle quiet
overwhelming power of nature.

If you’ve enjoyed this, please feel free to spread it around, maybe we can give people a little joy in a world tha increasingly displays signs of complete mental breakdown! Thank you.