Love Matters: a #Poem

Today is Valentine’s Day, but Valerie and I have always ignored such niceties. At the risk of seeming overly romantic; every day is our special day. And this is for my lovely wife.

Love Matters

You are she who speaks me truth
never harsh or hurtful
ever your heart is your guide
and leads the way you act
always displaying true love
support a friend at need

You found me
I found you
in a place so unexpected
when neither was seeking
but at once each knew
the other as our missing half

Our life together
has been sometimes tough
challenging in ways
has been always right
wonderful in all we need
remains as ever beautiful

Our differences insignificant
sublime our similarities
we travel routes together
find happiness together
face sorrows together
reach ecstasy together

I see you every day
just as you are
each time the first
enticing exciting
and wonderful
my eternal love

You are my muse
my inspiration
bring me joy
in an unhappy world
give me hope
in a world of hate

Never forget I love you
and will for the time
we have life
ever one and ever us
ever you and me
ever together.

16 thoughts on “Love Matters: a #Poem

  1. These words truly capture the definitive nature of what you mean by love matters. Bravo for this piece and may you continue to enlighten the world with your awesome talent! 😎👍

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  2. Oh, this is beautiful. Your wife must be so happy!

    I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day this year by trying to save a school I visited last week–not half as romantic, but definitely full of love 🙂

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