The Darkness Abides, by L. Harcroft: #BookReview.

Fantasy serial

It’s difficult to know whether this book is experimental or just badly written. The sentence structure sometimes seems borrowed from the 19th century and there are many errors that should have been spotted in editing.

The opening is a strange mix of intriguing detail and oddly expressed action. We’re given no clues as to why the two men are in the boat, what their purpose might be. And, unfortunately, neither of these men is appealing in any way, so it’s difficult to empathise with them. Had the book been any longer, I probably wouldn’t have bothered to finish it.

The story rambles and the ‘mystery’ became a source of irritation to me. There’s no denouement here; the book simple ends. I understand this is the first of a series, but each part must surely contain a story that completes some part of the whole, otherwise it isn’t a book, it’s a collection of chapters in an unfinished work.

Some of the language used is undoubtedly poetic and even quite evocative, but this isn’t enough to tempt me to continue with this series.

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