Invitation to Poetry, by Mihai Brinas: #BookReview.

invitation poetry

Poetry is such a subjective literary genre that it’s often difficult to reach a conclusion about whether a collection is very good, difficult, obscure, or any of a mixture of reactions.

This assortment is by a poet whose first language is Romanian: whether English is his second language is unclear, but the standard of its use is higher than some I’ve experienced from native speakers.

All poems in this anthology are presented entirely in lower case and without punctuation, which makes them open to a number of interpretations. There are a couple of editing errors, but that’s hardly surprising, and they’re too few to be a cause of concern.

The emotional content is both wide and profound. I was moved by many of the pieces, entertained by all and amused by a few. This is poetry that speaks to the heart, that crawls under the skin, and insinuates itself into the mind and soul.

It’s not easy. But neither is it consciously difficult. It seems genuine and honest, and tastes authentic. Glad I read this.


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