An Extended Pause.

zWindblown Surf
Windblown Surf.

A break from the relentless imperative of the internet is calling. This brief note is to let you know I’ll be absent from the internet, away from the keyboard and screen, for an unspecified period not likely to be longer than a couple of weeks, or so!

I need time away from the chaos, insanity, and sheer overwhelming idiocy of the modern world if I’m to maintain my fragile sanity.

If you follow me, comment on a post, or otherwise engage with me during my absence, I’ll do my level best to respond on my return.

For now, arrivaderci.


And the picture? One of many I have for sale on the Picfair site. You’ll find the original, which you can buy as a digital file for any purpose or a print, framed or unmounted, via this link. Enjoy!

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