Lonely Planet, Italy: #BookReview.



992 pages

Until I’ve been to Italy, I can’t know the true value of this book. However, having read it in preparation, I can comment on what I’ve so far found.

I’m off to Italy soon, visiting Rome, Naples and Pompeii, Florence, and Lake Maggiore, which is why I bought the general travel book rather than a city-specific volume.

This is a comprehensive tome, and includes lots of very informative maps, including a removeable folding map of Rome.

There are sections on all the regions and cities of this fascinating country. You’ll find advice on the many interesting places to visit in each location, and there are links for the websites that provide more detailed information, as well as those where prospective visitors can obtain tickets to various museums, galleries and other tourist offerings in advance, thereby avoiding the queues.

The authors – there are fourteen – have each visited the regions/cities they write about, and readily give their specialist knowledge to enhance the visitor’s experience.

Packed with tips and knowledge of the customs, traditions, habits and mannerisms of the country, this is a book that prepares travellers for an immersive holiday or trip so they can enjoy the place to the full.

You’ll also find advice on transport, including car hire, air, train and bus travel, ferries and walking.

And the last section of the book gives useful and entertaining information on the country’s history, art and architecture, way of life, food and drink, and on how Italy has been portrayed in fiction and on film, as well as about the place as it is today.

A very worthwhile purchase and, for me, a must-have prior to the planned visit.


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