Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Picture courtesy pixabay

So far 10 chapters subjected to the in-depth part of the edit that includes running the text through ProWritingAid, an online grammar checker. My beta reader is just a couple of chapters behind me. I was aiming to have a dozen chapters complete in time for this update, but I hadn’t allowed for a half day spent helping to decorate the local village hall, another half day photographing the dress rehearsal for the local amdram group, and yet another half day spent in a pre-op assessment at a hospital in a nearby town.

The MSS now stands at 71,367 words, only 13 more than last week’s efforts in spite of additions to the text: must’ve also slashed some excess stuff, maybe murdered a few darlings along the way. It’s a low word count for one of my novels, but the story works well within that total.

Off to play badminton now, but back at it tomorrow morning.