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1st April flew past unnoticed. We’re now at the 5th, which in UK means the end of the Tax Year, not that it’s relevant. But I missed the usual update date, again! My excuse? Well, I could ramble about the WIP, the website I’m creating for a local charity, the fascinating interview I had with a local historian, in fact, any number of distractions. The simple fact is, however, although I’d prepared the post, I forgot to post it!

So, my apologies. I’ll stick a reminder somewhere I can’t ignore it for the next one. And, on a positive note, guilt has caused me to spend a precious 3 hours today updating the info to bring you more contests. And there’ll be more as I come across them.

Here’s your monthly reminder that the writing contest table has been updated. It lives under the ‘Resources’ tab.

I’ve changed the source for this document from GoogleDrive because it didn’t always allow live links, to OneDrive, which appears to be better at this aspect. Old inactive links will remain that way and require you to copy and paste them into your browser. But new links should now all be active. I hope!

I update the table frequently, in fact whenever I come across new contest details. However, February was difficult, as you’ll know if you’ve read the posts regarding the trouble with my iMac. I also subscribe to sources for information to pass on to you here.

Submit your entries in plenty of time. There are spectacular prizes to be had. Some contests are FREE to enter, but please don’t be sucked in by false arguments complaining about ‘paid for’ contests: most are run by voluntary organisations with little money. Entry fees go toward providing the prizes and sometimes to pay judges, who are usually professional people in the writing world whose time is precious.

Think of the kudos if you win a prize!

The table updates every time I save it, so whenever you visit the page, it’s as current as it is on my PC.

You can access it by clicking here.

Have fun and get some cash from your writing.

If you’d like a monthly reminder in your email, please add your details on the small form at top of the right-hand column on the ‘Blog’ page. Neither I, nor WordPress, will spam you, but you’ll receive an informative email each time I post.

And the picture above? Just a spot of inspirational imagery.

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