The Hermit of Blue Ridge, by Cary Grossman: #BookReview.

Hermit of blue

300 pages


Intriguing, engaging, inspiring, fascinating and enthralling, this book is a great read.

Character driven romance is relatively rare, but this book, essentially a complex and deep love story, is seen entirely through the eyes of lovers. The people on these pages are both exceptional and real. We’re treated to their aspirations, frailties, courage, desires, truths and lies. These are people you’ve met and been impressed by.

When young, gifted, and hauntingly beautiful Sarah enters the hideaway of best-selling reclusive author, Jeremy, both their lives are fundamentally changed. To supply any more details of the story would be to give spoilers, and the last thing I want to do here is spoil anyone’s read.

Set in the mountains of an area of America I don’t know, but can now picture in startling detail, the story conveys the wonders, and the awful costs, of isolation on the human psyche. Internal and external tensions battle with the desire for normality, the strictures of convention, and impositions of society, to produce a narrative that fulfils all the expectations of a reader.

The emotional content of this essentially paranormal romance pulls the reader ever deeper into the relationship that develops in spite of the intentions of at least one of its participants. I was engaged very quickly, both the woman and the man at the heart of the story drawing me in with complete empathy.

The story deals with many issues, some controversial, others experienced daily by most, and others unique to the protagonists’ situation. There is inevitably, given the subject of the book, some eroticism, but it isn’t the kernel here. This is a tale of enduring love, and how convention, false pride, societal expectations and uninformed judgement combine to undermine trust and mutual understanding.

The life of the artist is explored here, the priorities and concerns of those who create. We see, and feel, the irritations and false barriers that can beset the attempt of the artist to bring to life ideas and themes in ways that are accessible to the ordinary man and woman.

This book is a superbly written piece of work, the descriptive passages encapsulate the essence of their subjects and the action scenes draw the reader deep within them.

There are elements of this inspiring tale that will live with me for a long time and I thank the author for the opportunity to experience a work of real talent and worth.


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