The Little Blue Book for Authors: 101 Clues to Get More Out of Facebook, by: Gisela Hausmann #BookReview.

Blue book FB

This little book, like all of this author’s output, is direct, straightforward, and full of common sense corralled by her personal research and experience.

Gisela Hausmann is thorough in her search for useful advice for the users of social media, especially those who write for a living. This book is no exception. Eager to pass on her knowledge and results of her personal findings, she gives clear, easy to follow advice.

This book uncovers many of the hidden aspects for Facebook use for authors, illuminating readers in the process and revealing things most of us never know about.

I’ve barely started to apply the advice (like all who write, I’m generally busy with the words and other aspects of creating a work of fiction) but already the changes are evident. I’m getting more comments, more readers and new followers of the page.

When I have time to go more deeply into the process, I fully expect it to bear fruit and increase my influence and exposure on this popular social media site.

So, a book that does what it says on the cover; just like the rest of the volumes in this writer’s extensive stable.

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