The Little Blue Book for Authors, by Gisela Hausmann: #BookReview.

little blue book

Subtitled ’53 Dos & Don’ts Nobody is Telling You’, this short book, in common with all the author’s work, is direct and to the point. You’ll find no waffle here, no filling or puffing. It’s all simple advice, gleaned from personal experience and a research ethic that would make most of us tired just to think of it.

This volume deals with Working Smarter, giving tips on exactly how to do that as an author, Basic Warnings, which any intending self-publisher should heed, Legalities, dealing with those concerns that might particularly trouble the US writer, and many more issues.

The advice is candid and easy to follow. What is perhaps more important is that it is also excellent advice for bot self-publishing and published authors.

I’d certainly advise any wannabe to read this book before they start down the road of publishing. It’s a highway full of potholes, false turnings, occasional highway robbers, and a crop of conmen.

Simply by taking heed of the advice contained within this very inexpensive book, you could save yourself hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros etc. There’s a deal of experience combined with sound common sense and deep knowledge of the industry here.

I’ve read a few books by this author, and although a lot of the advice is aimed at writers of nonfiction, they all contain many gems applicable to all types of writers in all genres.

Glad I gave this one a read. I’ll be re-reading, and putting into practice a number of the suggestions over the coming weeks.

[Any review is a personal opinion. No reviewer can represent the view of anyone else. The best we can manage is an honest reaction to any given book.]

Just as a matter of interest for my blog readers, since this review will, in common with all my book reviews, also be posted on Goodreads and 4 Amazon sites, I’d like to let you know how I came to read this book this morning.

I awoke relatively early and decided to come into my study to get on with the current WIP. My Mac, however, had other plans. Some new updates had installed automatically overnight, but some required a restart to complete the process. I’ve learned from long experience not to ignore such calls to action. So, although the timing was irritating, I set the machine to complete the installations. As usual, it gave me a clue about the time it would take.

I popped downstairs and retrieved my Kindle and looked for a short book to read while waiting. I selected Gisela’s book as it looked about the right length. And, in fact, I finished the read only about five minutes after the updates were complete.

So, instead of moaning, or wasting time with inconsequential things, I read a useful book. And I’m glad I did!

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    1. It does have a lot of things going for it, though. My wife uses a laptop with Windows 10 and that seems the most perverse OS I’ve come across. I was used to the older Windows 7, but this current system just makes everything so much more difficult to find. Where’s the Control Panel, the quick route to printers, etc?
      Having said that, my Mac will be due for replacement in the near future and I’m having serious thoughts about what to replace it with; another Mac or a PC? Can’t make up my mind at present.
      I suspect you must have had a bad experience with a Mac, Roger. I’d be interested to know.


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