Utopia for Realists, by Rutger Bregman, Reviewed.


This is a book I’d love everyone to read. Really. With its subtitle, ‘And How We Can Get There’, it offers hope for the future.

Well written and, with forty pages of bibliography/research annotations, a book that has clearly been thoroughly researched.

If you’ve reached that stage where you see a future for humanity in mainly negative terms – and which of us doesn’t have that nightmare daily reinforced? – this is a volume to give a more positive spin on the possibilities open to our species. Politically, it’s broad-based, addressing the full spectrum. From a business point of view, it points out the advantages of the proposed changes to all. In fact, everyone other than the controlling sociopath and the self-serving narcissist will find succour here. It’s unfortunate that those types are the very ones we so frequently place in positions of power and the very ones unlikely to read or learn from this book.

Normal human beings will find real promise here, real ideas that can be employed to improve the lot of everyone.

If I have a criticism, it’s that no reference is made to the overwhelming and urgent issue of human overpopulation. But I guess an entire book is needed on that problem. My concern, however, is that the leisure time released by the application of the ideas in this book would undoubtedly result in overconsumption in certain areas and the probable ruination of sensitive tourist spots already under severe pressure.

However, that apart, I read this book with a growing sense of a like-mind and one that grasped the reality of our current situation. Bregman expresses his ideas well and provides ample evidence of the truth of his predictions and postulations, as he debunks many myths that rule our lives.

This book should be part of the educational curriculum for the entire world. But is a book that ought to be read by every political leader and representative, every military head, and everyone who runs a business. Really: you should read it; the ideas will benefit the whole world.

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