Naked Review: How to Get Book Reviews, by Gisela Hausmann, Reviewed.

naked review

I bought a copy of this book because I’d previously read/reviewed the author’s previous title, Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews.

This is an update of that book, but it’s also much more. If you’re an author in search of reviews, you really should give this book some time. I discovered aspects of review writing I was never aware of, though I’ve been writing and posting such pieces for years!

There’s a lot of information and advice about the often-changing guidelines about reviewing on Amazon; in fact those changes inspired the writing of this volume. And the author’s done a great deal of research about most of the practical aspects of reviewing for the author seeking reviews and the reader who pens such opinions.

But the book isn’t just about reviews. There’s practical advice about difficult aspects of writing; social networking and the optimum way to make use of such organisations as Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, amongst others.

There’s a lot to absorb in this little book, but it’s content worth pursuing. I made lots of notes, which I’m now following up.

As both writer and reviewer, I’ve learned a lot of useful stuff from these pages. If you’re a writer wanting to attract reviews of your work – and which of us isn’t? – this book is definitely worth consulting. And, if you’re a reader who performs that frequently thankless but vital task of spreading the word about an author’s books, you’ll find a great deal of useful information here.

4 thoughts on “Naked Review: How to Get Book Reviews, by Gisela Hausmann, Reviewed.

  1. Eamonn Murphy

    I just bought it as I’m trying to get reviews for two books out this month. I do find the cheery tone of some self-help/publishing books a bit irritating. ‘Hey: Let’s grab a coffee and move on!’ Also, you can spend all your time reading them and not get any writing done! Like today.

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    1. Hi, Eamonn. I suspect the ‘cheery tone’ is the author’s attempt to lighten the sometimes gloomy note surroundingmuch in the owrld of publishing. As for time spent reading, I agree. That’s why I’m selective in what I read in this genre. Good luck with the books.


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