Dogsbody, by Karen Wolfe, Reviewed.


Cosy crime with dogs. Dogsbody is a Georgie Crane Comi-Crime novel by an author whose work I’ve always enjoyed. As usual, Karen Wolfe gives good value with plenty of laughs, a few deaths, and a romance that might or might not…

For lovers of crime, this one will keep you turning the pages to find out exactly who did what to whom.

For dog lovers, the story will resonate, no matter what your pooch. And there are plenty of canine characters in this one.

Mysterious deaths, night raids to rescue the innocent, life threatening perils, and unwise risks abound in this novel. You’ll also learn a good deal about how to make a poorly trained dog into a star, because, as we all know; there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. Karen is a dog trainer with much experience and this shines through in the anecdotes that pepper the story, giving detail that lays bare the true nature of our furry friends.

There is tragedy here, disappointment, some misery, and some cause for fear. But the underlying tone of the tale is optimistic and hopeful; the humour lifts it above the often depressing element present in so much of the genre.

The characters, even those who appear but briefly, are well constructed and observed, allowing the reader to empathise and become immersed in the story.

Yes, as you’ll have gathered, I enjoyed this romp through the fields with a multitude of dogs, their owners, and the policemen involved in getting to the heart of the mystery.

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