Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.


The MS is complete. I even have a title, agreed after consultations with my publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing. Of which, more later in this post.

Because, in publishing terms, the book has a short lead in time (we want to launch at Fantasticon in Hull; a fantasy/gaming/scifi convention that takes place on 2nd and 3rd September), we need to get on with it. So, the editors have been sending me the typos and stylistic/grammatical errors I missed during my own edit. I’ve been dealing with those by return. In the not too distant future, I’ll get the full MS back with any other suggestions, based on content and language. And I’ll deal with that by return.

We’ve had initial discussions on the cover and I await the results with eager anticipation.

So, the title: I created the book using a working title to blend well with book one, Blood Red Dust. Green, the Dust said something about the success of ecopoiesis since the ending of the 1st book. However, it didn’t really address the conflict in book two. But both I, and Dan Grubb (my publisher) wanted to run the proposed series with a commonality in the titles. ‘Dust’ is an apposite theme word. I brainstormed 50 titles. Cut that down by restricting choices to only three words, and then fed the remaining 35 through Amazon to check for uniqueness. That left me with 10 potential titles. I had my two or three favourites, but I wanted a more independent view, so sent that list of 10 to Dan. And we came up with the title now to be used.

So, watch out for Generation Mars: War Over Dust.

We’ll reveal the cover soon. Watch this space.

And, meantime, make sure you read book one, won’t you? You can get it here from the publisher, or here from your local Amazon store. And, of course, it’s available from all leading book retailers.

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