Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Surface of Mars via NASA.

Editing has started! So far, I’m halfway through chapter 3 with the major re-write. But, prior to that, I’d reduced the ‘story’ element of the editing notes from 20 to 12 items, and dealt with 15 of the other notes I’d made whilst writing/re-reading the first draft.

I’ve also made progress on the drawing I’m producing of one of the major settlements on the surface of Mars, as much a guide for me as for the possible cover of the new book.

As I sit here at the keyboard, 2 sheets of A4, closely typed with notes, face me from the small shelves in front of me, another 6 are taped to the bookshelves behind me. Constant reference to these notes is intended to ensure I don’t miss any of the changes I’ve decided on. I’d initially thought of simply leaving them in the Scrivener files to consult as I wrote, but that was too difficult from an access point of view, so the printed sheets are now doing the job. As I deal with each note, I highlight it in orange marker to declare it ‘done’. Hopefully, by this time next week I’ll have 8 sheets of mostly orange paper facing me instead of the largely white stuff currently on show.

So, that’s the situation as it stands at the end of my session today. More news next week at the same time.

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