The Writer’s Lexicon, by Kathy Steinemann, Reviewed.

the writers lexicon

Are you a lover of words? Do you write? Is language use an issue of interest? If so, you’ll find Kathy Steinemann’s ‘The Writer’s Lexicon’ a veritable cornucopia of expressive words.

A thesaurus provides alternatives for the idea of a word. A dictionary gives definitions and, sometimes, origins for those construction blocks we use daily to build our speech and writing. But Kathy’s book achieves so much more than those simple reference works.

Sections include enticing headings: Common Pitfalls; listing words writers should use with care to avoid repetition or banality. Single word usage from ‘Beautiful’ to ‘Went’; defining some overused terms and suggesting alternatives by giving textual examples and providing different ways to structure sentences. Punctuation; covering exclamations, ellipses, em dashes, and the correct formatting of text to prevent ugly presentation. Taboos; including absolutes, and cursing, and giving advice for the YA and Christian genres. Redundancies; listing those words we sometimes manage to embellish unnecessarily. Common gestures that are clichés in writing. Sensory words including onomatopoeia, colour, scent, taste, and touch. In most cases, she provides alphabetical lists of substitute words. And she even delivers some writing prompts for those in search of inspiration.

If I have a criticism, it’s actually a warning: beware when using this as an aid; the danger is you’ll become so absorbed in the offerings that you might forget why you’re there!

The purpose of this entertaining and truly inspiring book is the improvement of writing by authors in particular, but it’s a manual many others will also find instructive in self-expression. It will now form a reference source for my own work, to be used when editing. And I expect to find my fiction enriched and rendered more accessible and entertaining as a result.


The book is initially available at a reduced price of $0.99 or £0.99 until 15th April and can be easily bought from anywhere if you visit Kathy’s website by clicking this link.

I’ve been able to review this book here, on my website, and on Goodreads, but I’m prevented from doing so on Amazon, as I provided the Foreword to the book.