Felicity – A Sparrow’s Tale, by Loralee Evans, Reviewed.


What’s this? A children’s book reviewed here? Not what you’d expect, I know, but it’s the season that’s mostly about children, and this book was recommended to me, so I thought, ‘Why not?’. As an author, it’s good to step outside your usual zone of activity from time to to time and experience a different type of writing. This one proved a worthwhile venture, and it is, after all, a fantasy. So here’s my review. Perhaps parents, aunts, uncles and siblings amongst my readers will consider the book as a present for their young relatives?

The Review

A great book to read to your children. There is inspiration here coupled with moral messages that will stimulate a child’s sense of what’s right and good. But these aspects are presented in the form a good story that will keep a developing child entertained and engaged throughout.

The story moves at a great pace as Felicity, a young sparrow who thinks she’s ordinary but who is actually quite extraordinary, becomes embroiled in an adventure with fairies and birds of prey. The main character, Felicity, is drawn well and comes across as a modest, self-effacing but intelligent and brave young creature. The book is told from her viewpoint and explains things as seen through her eyes.

If I have a criticism, it’s that some of the language might cause difficulties for the children the book is aimed at. Fine if you’re reading it to them and can explain, but a potential barrier for those reading alone. However, this is a minor point. And many parents might welcome the challenge new language brings to developing readers.

There’s enough tension in the plot to keep young minds engrossed and whilst there are threats and dangers, these are not overdone: children are unlikely to be left frightened by this tale, though they will be concerned about the safety of both Felicity and those she sets out to help.

It’s a charming book and one I’d happily have read to my daughter had it been available when she was growing up. I believe all children will enjoy this story and, as a parent, I think it sends the right sort of messages to young readers; messages that will encourage them to courage and consideration.

4 thoughts on “Felicity – A Sparrow’s Tale, by Loralee Evans, Reviewed.

  1. Maybe the best way to approach such a review, Mick, is to look at it as a ‘writing exercise’. Look for structure, language use, whether the subject matter is dealt with clearly, is pace handled well? By examining those ‘technical’ features, it helps reinforce your own writing; we frequently absorb the information and examples as we write about these things.


    1. Thanks, Mick. I think it’s good for the brain, and the imagination, to stray out of the comfort zone from time to time. And, having read the book, it makes sense to do the best review possible. Even if I don’t normally read that sort of story, many others do, and the purpose of reviews is to help readers find a book they’ll enjoy. (At least, that’s why I review.)

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      1. I agree with you there, Stuart, I’m certainly out of my comfort zone when I attempt to review a genre I don’t usually read, I suppose because I find it harder to gain a rapport with the writing.

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