SciFi in the Making: Now Available!


It’s here! It’s there! And you can have it everywhere!

Okay, a little ott, but, hey! I’m excited.

My latest science fiction novel, Blood Red Dust, is now available and you can get a copy by clicking on this link. At present, it’s available in paperback; the ebook will follow shortly: I’ll let you know when in a short post here.


As readers of my blog, you get to know about the new book before the official launch. That’s happening at Fantasticon 2016, in Hull, on 19th November. And I’ll be there to sign copies, and to take part in a litfest at the same venue, alongside other Fantastic Books Publishing authors and Royd Tolkien, JRR Tolkien’s great-grandson!

What’s Blood Red Dust about?

As people struggle to survive in an increasingly hostile climate on Earth, plans are afoot for the preservation of the human race. Mars, already occupied by commercial mining interests, is the only viable option. The Chosen are sent to colonise the new world and germinate the seeds of their new Utopia. But dark forces not only want to halt the plan, they want to see the end of all human life, everywhere. If mankind survives the divinely inspired crusade of death from dogma-driven martyrs, will The Chosen’s new Utopia be the real route to salvation?


And, when you’ve read it, please do post just a few lines of your opinion, good, bad, or indifferent, on Goodreads, Amazon, or any other site you use for book matters. Readers get a great deal of help in selecting books from the many on offer when they can read reviews. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “SciFi in the Making: Now Available!

    1. Thanks, DM. It went down well at the launch on Saturday and Sunday. And it’s gained a couple of great reviews already, so fingers crossed for a good future!


  1. glenavailable

    Good on you Stuart.
    I’ll be ordering my copy shipped to Australia on Monday.
    After following the trials and tribulations of the writing process throughout 2016, I wouldn’t miss a chance at the final product for the world.

    Glen Donaldson

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    1. Thanks, Glen. You should be able to get it through as it’s available on their site.
      If it’s not too much of an imposition, it’d be great if you’d put a few words down as a review once you’ve read it!

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