Around the World in 80 Tales, by Dave Tomlinson, Reviewed.


There are stories from much of the world here, though the bulk concern East Asia, Australia and South America. The author uses simple everyday language to convey his adventures in often exotic locations. The style is easy and peppered with humour, humanity and the occasional caution.

This is travel on a budget, so we’re treated to atmospheric rides on local buses and trains in places many Europeans and Americans might consider barely civilised. Dave’s obvious love of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and foods, and enjoying adventure all live on the page. The author is candid about his personal misadventures and expresses his encounters with poignant experiences very well.

I was offered a review copy of this book via the contact page on my website. Under normal circumstances, I’m too busy to read travel books, but the offer came a few days before I was due to go on holiday. It was an ideal addition to the novels on my Kindle reading list. It’s doubtful I’ll ever visit most of the fascinating places Dave describes in his entertaining book, though my daughter’s current residence in Australia means I may eventually get to some of those Antipodean destinations.

If you’re a young traveller, someone who loves to visit new places but has limited funds, an armchair traveller, or simply a lover of different locations and cultures, you’ll really enjoy this book and benefit from the great short tales. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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