The Methuselah Strain in Hardback.

Here it is: the hardback print version of my science fiction novella, The Methuselah Strain. All copies will be signed. Dan Grubb, owner of Fantastic Books Publishing, suggested we launch this at the great fantasy/scifi event, Fantasticon 2015, in the region where I was born. It takes place over the weekend of 24/25 October in …

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The Evolution of a Book Cover.

Book covers, we all need them, and most indie authors try to design these themselves. Sometimes, though not often, it works. Many of the results are pretty grotty. I have some small experience of illustration and graphics, fonts and typography, from a spell working at a local art college as a graphics technician. I also …

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The Rumours were True!

I told you yesterday about rumours that my publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing, was planning to issue the new, revised edition of my dystopian science fiction novella, The Methuselah Strain. Well, turns out those reports were true. Dan Grubb, the owner of the publishers, has just emailed me to let me know that the book will …

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Have You Heard the Rumours?

There’s a buzz going round that Fantastic Books Publishing are planning to publish the new edition of The Methuselah Strain. I self-published this near-future sci-fi novella a while ago, but Dan, my publisher, believed it deserved more attention. I penned a new section and Dan’s excellent design team have produced a new cover and some …

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Joinings: A Seared Sky

A Top Ten Book Cover

On a website far, far, away, a wonderful example of good taste and brilliance emerged from the mind of a person of quality. On a quest for well-designed, individual book covers, Court Van Haaren looked at over 2,500 and decided 9 were worthy of exposing to the wider public. To my joy, the cover of …

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Beautiful Covers of 2014

Beautiful Covers of 2014.