Storm Girl, by Linda Nicklin: #BookReview.

365 pages
Dystopian Science Fiction/Urban Fantasy

A terrific story! This is adventure, mystery, social and political comment, and romance, rolled into one very well structured, compulsive story. The central protagonist, Angel, is feisty, courageous, enigmatic, curious, and a real survivor. Set in a time when climate change has wreaked havoc with the geographical, and therefore the political world, as we currently know it, it deals with the way the elites take what they see as the necessary action to continue their privileged lifestyles.
But it is much, much more. The author has managed to make the reader empathise with almost all the characters on some level, regardless how selfish, wicked, good, generous, or courageous they may be. We encounter elderly heroes and heroines, resourceful individuals and communities, victims, self-serving demagogues, cruel leaders, uncaring servants, unquestioning followers, and a group of talented and determined resistance fighters bent on turning a terrifying world into a just and equable future.

The descriptions of familiar places either drowned or otherwise destroyed by the elements are entirely credible, as are the imagined luxuries maintained at the behest of the elites.

But it is the entwined stories of a search for justice, another search for a lost daughter valued for reasons she does not at first comprehend, and the loyalty and love of partners and groups fighting for a better life that carry this tale forward with an emotional punch of terror, disgust, outrage, admiration, humour, love and, most of all, hope.

There can be few left on the planet who now consider climate change and its associated threats of true crisis anything but highly likely. This novel is an account of a terrifying created outcome, resulting from extensive and sensitive research coupled with deep knowledge of people, and brilliantly applied imagination.

Read it and act.  

You can find it here.

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    1. I’ve read The Handmaid’s Tale, of course. And one of her climate change books was already on my TBR list, but I’ve added the others as a result of your link, thanks Lynette. When I’ll get to them, who knows? My list is currently over 60 titles long. But she’s a brilliant writer, so I’ll make the effort.

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