Today’s Pictures: 05 Mar 21

A marshy track through the forest

‘We make the path by walking.’     Robert Bly

The daily shots from the local forest will continue for the moment, and I’ll include other photographs from my collection to provide a wider view of the world and its wonders.
Share on social media to reach more people stuck indoors due to Covid-19. Between us, we might even restore some love and respect for nature and help slow down the damage we inflict on our world. Thank you.

The River Arno flows softly through Florence.

All photographs on this site are my own, unless otherwise credited. You’ll find more of my pictures, here. And there’s a small sample of my work under the ‘Gallery’ tab at the top of this page.

15 thoughts on “Today’s Pictures: 05 Mar 21

    1. Like all rivers, Noelle, there are signs it can be rather less than peaceful, but when we were there, it was in gentle flow mode, and passed beneath the many bridges of Florence often silent and still as a mirror.

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  2. I love your pictures, Glad you can get out and commune with nature! We had our second vaccine today and are taking it easy until we know the side effects if any. The good thing is now we are talking and thinking about doing things outside! Yay! Stay safe!

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    1. Thanks, Brenda. Glad you’re going to be safe now. We’ve had our 1st jabs, second are 12 weeks after for us here in UK. It’ll be so good to be able to get out and about again.

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  3. I agree with Lynette it does look like it is awakening. Beautiful with all the layers of moss and green popping out all over. Lovely. The photograph in Florence is gorgeous. You two have a wonderful weekend. Hugs 🤗 Joni

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    1. The very first signs of spring are appearing, Lynette. Just tiny buds to join in with the early catkins on the Hazels at present, but I expect the greening will soon start.
      The River Arno, flowing through Florence, is a lovely watery highway. On still days, it manages a mirror-ike quality to reflect the elegant Italian architecture.

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