Judge Me Not; a #Poem

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I was recently involved in an online discussion that highlighted the tendency of some correspondents to make judgments about others from the biased point of view that is their own. It’s tempting for all of us to judge others using our own standards. It’s a mistake, of course. One I try to avoid. Anyway, it prompted me to write this piece for today’s post. I’d love your observations.

Judge Me Not

I am not you
You are not me
We travel different roads
What is your natural
may be alien to me
Judge me not
by standards not my own
Diverse rules and
commands of custom
tradition and priorities
mismatched divergent
make for views
And we may never agree
Your judgment based
on what you would do
is not my choice
We are different
We are separate
We are sundered

6 thoughts on “Judge Me Not; a #Poem

    1. True, Bojana. We are all able to ‘judge’ without having ‘walked a mile in the other’s shoes’, and such judgment is generally misplaced.
      Thank you for your comment.

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        1. True, Bojana. We are individually formed by nature, nurture and life experiences. Education, bad or good, plays a huge part in our lives as well. We can never truly know another, even one we dearly love. At best, we can see a surface, and just sometimes, a brief glimpse of what lies beneath.

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  1. Very well written.
    Judgment is our way to scale ourselves against the people around us. We are doing that without standing in the other man’s shoes and for that reason we can never be fair. In a way judging is a kind of a self defense mechanism.
    Sometimes is the best to agree to disagree.


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