Creative #Writing #Contests Table Updated

zThe Bright Promise of Autumn (1)
The Bright Promise of Autumn

It’s that time again! Your reminder that the writing contest table has been updated. It lives on the ‘Resources’ page.

Some contests are free to enter and offer great cash prizes. The table currently offers contests with entry dates from November 2018 through to May 2019.

Submit your entries in plenty of time. There are spectacular prizes to be had. Please don’t be sucked in by false arguments complaining about ‘paid for’ contests: most are run by voluntary organisations with little money. Entry fees provide the prizes and sometimes pay judges, who are usually professional people in the writing world whose time is precious.

Think of the kudos if you win!

The table updates every time I save it, so whenever you visit, it’s as current as it is on my PC. You can access it by clicking here. Have fun and get some cash from your writing.

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And the picture above? A spot of inspirational imagery.

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