Dogwatch, by Karen Wolfe: #BookReview.


Love dogs? Love crime? Love humour, even if a little dark sometimes? Then this is for you.

Georgie Crane is at it again; getting in deeper than she should, that is. There’s a degree of ‘woman in jeopardy’ about this comi-crime novel that lifts it above the general level of the genre.

The dogs, and there are plenty of them, are stars in their own right in this multi-layered read. Georgie, and her colleagues, family, friends and men, are all drawn with an expert pen that sees beneath the skin and presents the author’s creations as living folk rather than stereotypes.

If you’re a dog lover you’ll need your tissues handy; there are some pretty brutal scenes here, balanced by some adorable canine behaviour. Similarly, those with any sort of fellow-feeling will need something to dry their eyes as the various incidents affecting the human characters build to move the reader.

All is written with a humorous undertone that, at times, will have you laughing out loud, but which remains a constant counter to the honest depiction of human brutality. There’s romance, too, as Georgie battles past disappointment with current desires she struggles to accept.

This is an easy read, but one that packs a hefty emotional punch whilst entertaining and informing the reader. I leave the book feeling I know a lot more about dogs than I ever have, despite having owned a couple of mutts earlier in life. So, I repeat, if you love dogs, crime, family humour, and a touch of romance, you’ll have a good time with this book.

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