Progress on the WIP: #SciFi in the Making.

Clouds on Mars, via Nasa.

The new book is progressing well. More research done, and another 9,000+ words added to bring it to 27,273 today. I think the book is probably about a third done in first draft at present. Of course, unforeseen changes may occur before the end to make it either longer or shorter, but my current prediction is around 85-90,000 as a finished novel. Still enjoying the process of creation, though I’d like to be moving a little faster. But life holds other pleasures apart from writing, and I’m enjoying those, too! Lovely long walk down to the river this morning. Only our second since the Xmas/New Year illness. Good for mind, body and spirit.

Make sure you read Blood Red Dust so you’re primed for the follow-up, set some distance further into the future, when it appears.

And, if you’ve read it, please consider penning a few words of review to post to the publisher’s site, Goodreads, and Amazon: it all helps give the book exposure and inform new readers.

Thank you to those who’ve already done this. I really appreciate the effort.

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