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An ill-timed omen sends a malicious leader on a hazardous quest that will alter everyone it touches.

When the Skyfire arrives early, Dagla Kaz sets out for the ancient homeland to harvest a new Godwood and exchange Virgin Gifts. He must lead his pilgrims hundreds of leagues over pirate-infested seas, across hostile lands, and return triumphant before the seared sky dies back to normality.

In his father’s absence, the renegade Aklon risks torture and death to bring justice to the people. Mindtalk with a wise woman on the distant mainland has opened his eyes to the evil underlying the society he inhabits. And, whilst seeking truth, he finds a soulmate in the most unexpected place.

Seeing his daughter Tumalind wrongly chosen as a Virgin Gift, religious fanatic Aglydron follows the mission to right the wrong. Okkyntalah, her betrothed, helps kidnap the rightful victim to take her over unknown seas and lands, facing violent death at the end of their journey

Title: Joinings: A Seared Sky (Book 1)

ISBN 13: 978-1-909-163-300

ISBN 10: 1909163309


Published 30 March 2014 by Fantastic Books Publishing

690 Pages

Available in paperback and digital editions via these links: (Click on the supplier’s name to reach the correct page)

Fantastic Books Publishing.

Amazon (your local store).

Barnes and Noble

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Mistake follows mistake, but the despotic leader is determined to carry on a quest that risks disaster for all but promises reward for him.

In spite of signs he may be wrong, Dagla Kaz goes ahead with the pilgrimage. Events expose the unexpected fate of his daughter, Jodisa-Li, bringing violent threat his life. Different versions of history raise serious doubts, but he still pursues the Skyfire, only to see his Virgin Gifts captured by wild men. Will he recover them intact so his mission can continue?

Convinced the time is ripe for his planned uprising on the island, Aklon-Dji acts, causing civil strife and a dangerous confrontation with an army vastly outnumbering his own forces. Will his concern for justice and his willingness to trust people result in danger to his paramour, Shoarhn, and in his capture and painful death?

Beset by assassins, Okkyntalah is forced into a foreign war. Wounded, he seeks the help of brave and talented women to counter fatal threats. Pursuing their dreams, he and Tumalind, face great danger, hardship, and enforced separation. Will her courage and resourcefulness allow her to remain loyal to Okkyntalah and will his tenacity rescue her from the dangers she faces?

A Seared Sky is a trilogy, is intended to be read as such. Book 2, Partings, assumes readers have read book 1, Joinings.

Title: Partings; A Seared Sky (Book 2 of the trilogy)

ISBN 13: 978-1-909163-48-5

ISBN 10: 1909163481


Published 19 August 2014 by Fantastic Books Publishing

490 Pages.

Available in paperback and digital editions via these links: (Click on the supplier’s name to reach the correct page)

Fantastic Books Publishing.

Amazon (your local store).

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The entire world is in danger and one woman must face the ultimate sacrifice in order to save it.

Wise woman, Ivdulon, finally discovers how the world is in danger, but only young Tumalind, a gifted female mindtalker, has the means to save it.

Dagla Kaz, fanatical High Priest, fights to prevent changes that will undo all his power and prestige, engaging with evil forces to get his way.

Aklon-Dji, fighting to save the future of his islanders, faces war, treachery and violent death to bring justice to his land and security to the woman he loves.

Tumalind, gifted and brave, faces unknown terrors and the peril of utter destruction for herself, as she sends her beloved Okkyntalah into great danger in hope of saving the world from evil.

A Seared Sky is a trilogy, and is intended to be read as such. Book 3, Convergence, assumes readers have read book 1, Joinings, and book 2, Partings.

Title: Convergence, A Seared Sky

ISBN 13: Currently in ebook form only – to be published in paperback later.


Published 17 December 2014 by Fantastic Books Publishing

521 Pages

Available at present only in digital form via these links: (Click on the supplier’s name to reach the correct page) However, the intention is to publish it in paperback form in the future.

Fantastic Books Publishing.

Amazon (your local store).

Barnes and Noble

Ask David

A Seared Sky: The series as a set.

A Seared Sky, trilogy available as a set.

For those who love their eReaders, the whole trilogy is now available as a set at a discounted price. You can obtain this special offer only via the publisher, Fantastic Books Publishing, by clicking on this link.


As a bonus, if you buy any of the books listed above, you’ll be supporting a worthwhile charity, as 10% of all proceeds are donated to ActionForM.E., a charity that supports people suffering from ME/CFS. Thank you.

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