Up, Up, and into the Sky!

On Easter Monday, Valerie celebrated her 70th birthday. But we don’t do crowds, or Bank Holidays, so we deferred our celebration for a more special, personal, experience. Her last entry on her bucket list was a Hot Air Balloon flight. We booked. And took off from Victoria Park in Bath last Monday. The full story of our adventure can be read and ‘experienced’ on Medium, here.
For now, here are a few of the pictures I didn’t use for the Medium story. Enjoy!

There are lots of other pictures from the preparation, the flight, and the landing over on Medium, here.

13 thoughts on “Up, Up, and into the Sky!

  1. What a lovely birthday gift – and spectacular views. We’ve only taken one hot air balloon trip but it was pretty special – over the Masai Mara when we were in Kenya. The silence is all -encompassing – and we could hear the shhh shhh shhh of the gnus and zebras moving through the tall grass. I’m sure yours was just as exhilerating!

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    1. Wow! I bet that was a warm trip, too! I’ve never been to Africa.
      Your animals were more exciting than the cattle, sheep, horses, and the small group of deer. But the experience was wonderful.

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    1. I enjoyed your post, Darlene, and Tweeted it. We decided to go together, as it was also a belated celebration for my 70th when I was in hospital having a small operation!

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