Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Imagination: 17/July/21

These images are intended as a source of entertainment, joy, and inspiration to the imagination.
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17 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Imagination: 17/July/21

  1. Interesting! I have a hard time seeing ice crystals. I see a fish, tree branches, and clusters of berries. I know you told us what it was, but I am just telling you as I see it.! I agree that it is cool! Thanks for posting.

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    1. Great imagination, Brenda. It’s an odd structure that formed over a muddy puddle on a well-used footpath. The place doesn’t see much sunlight in winter, so the ice was still present even after midday.


        1. Yes, Joni. And after a night when the temperature didn’t drop below 19C, we’re in for another day when it might reach 30C here! I look out of my study window this morning at a completely cloudless blue sky.

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          1. The weather is very crazy everywhere right now. My dear friend from Washington is in Montana at their cabin and it is unusually warm there and there are fires bad enough that it is very smokey there, sometimes too much to get out of the cabin. You two try and stay cool. Sending you both hugs this morning. Joni

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            1. Certainly is, Joni. Our daughter’s just sent us some pictures of snow in Canberra, Australia. We’re basking in 29C and they had overnight temp of -2C. Not unknown for the region, but unusual.
              But it was good to have our lunch in the garden today!

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              1. You and I are not surprised to see the world heating up or the fires as we have both done a lot of research on what our world will likely be like in the near future. I am not sure even now that we can reverse the damage we have been doing to our beautiful world. Sending hugs to you both (eating in the garden sounds very nice) Joni

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                1. One basic problem is that CO2 builds up rapidly in the atmosphere, but takes millennia to be absorbed and rendered harmless. So the damage we’ve already done will last for at least a couple of thousand years.

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                  1. So sad to me as in the research I did for my book by 2050 things will be so drastically different and life as we know it will be gone. However, it only takes one serious catastrophic event to occur and the whole process starts to increase all the other aspects of global warming. We have manage to still enjoy our world but if we don’t change we will all be in survival mode, even for water. I know you know this based on your new book. Hugs my friend.

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                    1. Tipping points, Joni. There are signs many of these may be reached far earlier than was previously predicted. And some of those will set off others – a chain reaction. The world really does need to unify in action to prevent the climate emergency.

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