Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 15/July/21

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11 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 15/July/21

  1. At first glance, this stall looks like we just passed over into Mexico. It is a perfect example of the typical “Tourist Trap” that we give wide berth. When we went to Mexico we tried to tell a niece that she couldn’t get solid gold necklaces for $20, but she bought several anyway. You have to admit the booth is colorful! Thanks for posting.

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    1. It was the brash colours that first assaulted my eyes, Brenda. Oddly, there appeared to be no stall holder around. But this was located very close to the famous Uffizi Gallery we had just left after seeing some of the world’s most wonderful works of art. The contrast was just too much to ignore.


    1. What struck me most about this stall, Suzette, was the variety and quantity of some basic grott on display in a city that is so proud of its heritage of quality artwork. I mean, this is the city of Michelangelo’s ‘David’, after all!


        1. It’s the quest for money, I believe. We live in a world where vital resources are rapidly declining, waste is building up in landfill and the oceans, yet we continue to manufacture and sell stuff that has no real value, and will often be irresponsibly disposed of after it loses its ephemeral novelty value. We really must make positive changes to our lifestyles.

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