Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 14/July/21

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16 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 14/July/21

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    1. Cool is subjective, Lynette. For us in UK, 20C+ is warm. This was taken on a day when we had around 18C. This weekend we’re expecting 27 or even 28C, which is considered hot here!
      The strange weather this year has really encouraged the bracken to grow. Normally, it reaches around 5 feet high. This year, in some places, it’s over 8 feet tall! A veritable jungle!

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      1. Oh yes, definitely. We have dropped out of the stratospheric 40s into the mid to high 30s (yesterday was 36), so 18 might feel a little too cool. I’m hoping that more people start getting the message about climate change …

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  2. Oh! I yearn for a walk among the cool trees! The Palm trees in our park don’t do much for me. You are so lucky to be living where you can enjoy them often. Happy for you and I will live vicariously through your pictures. Thanks for posting.

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    1. I’ll keep them coming as long as I can, Brenda. Won’t always be the trees, but hopefully something to bring you some sort of pleasure. I love the fact that I can so easily share the joy I find in the world around me.

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    1. It is extraordinary how quickly nature can regain its hold on an area, Noelle. Only 120 years ago, this was a heavily industrialised area with coal and iron mines and stone quarries. Now, almost all that land is covered in trees and the signs on man’s activity have all but disappeared, thankfully! But there are areas in the forest where people lived and worked among the trees over 1,000 years ago, too.

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    1. They are stately, aren’t they, Sowmya? This track leads up to a plantation full of the same trees. It’s a place with a magical air, where we can wander in among the trees without having to stick to paths. Lovely!

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