Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 13/July/21

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13 thoughts on “Today’s #Picture to Spur Your Creativity: 13/July/21

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    1. Thanks, Lynette. I think I first shot this view with my very first camera at the age of 13. It was a folding Kodak camera that took 8 pictures on a roll of film. The black and while film cost almost the whole of my weekly wage from my 3 paper rounds at the time, so I had to be very selective in what I photographed. The beauty of digital photography is the freedom it gives to experiment, since it costs nothing to take as many shots as you wish. Great advantage!

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        1. Ah, no, Lynette. This was shot only about 3 years ago. I was just saying I had first pictured this scene at the age of 13 in B & W, but I no longer have that photograph, or possibly even the negative, although I do have a library of around 10,000 B & W negatives of pictures I took in the days before photography went digital. I really ought to have a go at scanning some of those. Time, as usual, is the impediment.

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  2. My first glance saw a very long steamboat! Then I looked closer and saw it was a factory with a plume of smoke in the night sky. I liked the contrast of the shades of the choppy water. There is an optical illusion at least to me of a dip in the water almost like a wave.
    Thanks for posting.

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    1. I love the idea of the steamboat, Brenda. The dark ‘dip’ is almost certainly where the current is driving the water over one of the many shifting sand banks that form and disappear in this wide estuary.

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